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Just a quick note to inform you that the wallpaper arrived safely here yesterday. The right colour and the right amount of rolls. Thank you very much for your help. I might as well warn you that I might come with a new request once this one is in place.

Åsa Ahrland

Everything went fine thank you. Delivery occurred right on time and we are very pleased with the sofa.

Neil Bailey
United Kingdom

I have been very happy with the service from Living interiors.

Takács Imre


Choosing the furniture for your luxury interiors is similar to selecting the topping for a cake. It is the most fun and most creative part of a room design and the fruitful reward for your initial hard work. However, don’t relax too soon! Choosing the right furniture, it is not a simple task and all of your hard work can be ruined by selecting the wrong pieces.

That is why for us it’s essential that you have the finest, widest range of furniture pieces available. It’s important to pick timeless, functional pieces that fit your space and budget whilst also maintaining the theme of your room and the functionality. For example, a living room with a focus around the television should have the most relaxing, deep and comfortable pieces of furniture as the main purpose of the room is to relax however a study or office within the house should have firmer more purposeful structure to mirror the uses of the room.

Zoffany's furniture range is handmade, expertly upholstered and softly trimmed. Each piece has a timeless style, to create a sophisticated finish and luxury interior to the home.

The Classic Collection is inspired by historically revered styles which are tailor made to meet the demands of modern living and contemporary interior design.

The new Curator Collection collates bespoke antique pieces, which have been discovered at auctions and antique fairs, and revitalised with Zoffany flair. These extraordinary pieces add character to any space they occupy and enhance any luxury interior.